Bring a Friend Sale! Order with a Friend and Get 15% Off!

For the next 30 days we are offering a very special sale, a “bring a friend” sale.

We want everyone to be able to have their favorite Parlanti products, and with the help of a friend you can save BIG TIME. Get together with a friend and place your orders together on one order and save! For the next 30 days if you spend $1500 or more you will receive 15% off of your entire order! You can mix and match Parlanti Tall Boots, Paddock Boots, Half Chaps, or any Accessories with your friend or friends!  

How It Works

  1. Get together with a friend and shop through our website for your favorite Parlanti gear.
  2. Place an order one on order together for $1500 or more.
  3. Receive 15% off right at the checkout!
  4. Boom! You’re done!

The Savings

The savings on this deal are absolutely incredible! Think about it like this: If you and a friend order a pair of Parlanti Tall Boots for $1000, you would save $150 each, making each pair of boots cost only $850!!

The Rules

-This sale is only valid through -In order to get the sale, you must both place your orders on ONE order. (yes, that means one card). -You can mix and match any items you want. -Your total order must be $1500 or more. -Offer ends July 8th!