Here’s to the horse show parents

Article Written by: Mary Carbery “Did you tighten your girth?” “You better get ready, only 10 more until your class starts!!” “Do you know your course?!?” These are just a few of the phrases you frequently hear echoing through the barn aisles at the show. Many times these questions are answered with an exasperated sigh accompanied by an eye roll. You guessed it – it’s the mother/daughter banter. And it is as much of a horse show staple as ribbons and course walks. If you forgot to pack something she brought it. If you left your crop in your trunk she runs back to get it. If you need water she goes and gets you three bottles (even when it’s $3 a bottle!). If you fall off she dusts off your coat. If you come out of the ring in tears she wipes them away. She is your horse show mom, and without her you would be lost. Yet some days when the heat is getting to us, or we’ve been at the show grounds for 12 hours straight we tend to forget how much our horse show mom does for us. We snap at her when she’s trying to help or yell at her for asking simple questions. The older I get, the more in awe I am of my horse show mom. From my very first lead line class to most recently doing the jumpers at HITS Saugerties this summer, my mother has been there for me every step of the way without missing a beat. She packs. She cleans. She’s my cheerleader, voice of reason and shoulder to cry on. Oh and she works two jobs and takes care of our two retired horses at home. How she does all this I cannot even comprehend. Some think she’s crazy. But I think she is the most incredible woman in the world. If you are lucky enough to have a horse show mom (or dad!) like mine then hopefully you understand how much they do just to see us happy. I want to remind my fellow riders out there to appreciate what they do for us. Even on the days you bicker – “Why did you bring these boots?! I said the NEW boots!!” – remember they’re just trying to help. And you’d be lost without them. THANK YOU TO ALL THE HORSE SHOW MOMS AND DADS OUT THERE!

5 thoughts on “Here’s to the horse show parents

  1. Alicia Fereday Hull says:

    I just like that she's willing to adopt or maybe I adopted her? Either way, holding my own horse and trying to get ready alone is a tough task. Now, can I fly her to the west coast for some shows? 🙂

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