How to Clean Your Parlanti Riding Boots

parlanti boots cleaning
One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our Parlanti customers is: “How Do I Clean My Parlanti Riding Boots?”.  We have decided that it would be helpful if we made an official post on how to clean your Parlanti riding boots step-by-step, what to use, and what not to use. Keeping your Parlantis clean is essential to the longevity of your boots, which can save you time, money, and headaches. We suggest that you clean your riding boots after every use to ensure that you will get the most out of them.  

How to Clean Your Parlanti Boots

Materials Needed: Simple Hand Soap (dove, etc), Water, Clean Cloth, Wash Cloth, Dry Cloth. Instructions: Step 1) Remove the clumps of dirt and debris from your boots using the wash cloth. Step 2) Lightly soak a Clean Cloth with luke-warm water and wipe down the leather of your boots. Step 3) Use simple hand soap and apply to the exterior of the boot. Step 4) Use the Clean Cloth with water to remove the soap from your boots. Step 5) Use a Dry Cloth to dry water from your boots. Things to Avoid When Cleaning: – Do not use soap or leather cleaning solvents containing harsh chemicals. – Do not use a cloth that will scratch your leather. – Do not use leather cleaner that contains dye. – Do not scrape or rub your boots too hard when cleaning. (Be Gentle) – Do not use brushes or anything with bristles.  

How to Preserve Your Riding Boots

– Keep your boots polished when possible. We recommend our Parlanti Boot Polish. – When your boots are not in use, use Parlanti Boot Trees to maintain the shape of your boots. – Keep your riding boots clean at all times. – Avoid leaving your boots out in the sun for extended periods of time. – Store your boots in an indoor environment.

Things Your Should Never Do to Your Boots

– Never use sticky spray or adhesives. These will ruin your boots very quickly. – Do not leave your boots outside when not in use. – Never scrape or brush your boots.   Parlanti boots are created with a very fine leather. Unlike most leathers, Parlanti leather is thinner, finer, and should be cared for in a very delicate and organic fashion. Properly cleaning and maintain your boots are key to keeping your boots looking like new for long periods of time. Remember to be gentle and to at least rinse your boots after every use! Most importantly ENJOY YOUR PARLANTIS!

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  1. Maya Naude says:

    I recently bought 2 pairs of Parlanti boots for my boys via the internet. It arrived courtesy a few trustworthy friends who travelled from Canada to Dubai to The DRC to South Africa, before we excitedly received them two days ago, just in time for their lesson with Jenny Veenstra. They are a perfect fit for both boys. We are super happy with them. Exceptional quality. My one son describes them.. “Mom, I think I’m in love?” so sweet.

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