Introducing our NEW, DYNAMIC Passion Lux line

The Passion Lux

The Miami and Denver Lux

Our newest additions to our line of Parlanti Passion Collection are the Passion Lux boots! The Lux are are made similarly to the Miami Field boot and the Denver Dress boots. The Lux achieves the same comfort, durability and profiled fit that Parlanti is known for! But, this all new boot most importantly includes at the very top of the boot, a added patent leather to enhance the look of the boot.  


Pre-order yours today and be the first to have the exclusive all new boots in your possession! How much are these boots? These boots will be $1,150, but pre-ordering before October 31st you will receive a 10% discount! It will be about 6-8 weeks until we receive the boots and have them shipped out to your billing address. The Passion Lux line is all new to our inventory, the first pre-ordered boots before October 31st will be put in production as soon as possible and will be the first ever line of production.