Introducing Ambassador Olivia D’Errico

Passioneq Ambassador Olivia D’Errico was born on September 7th, 1994. She started riding at the age of seven and has been riding ever since then! At a very young age Olivia’s parents were always tremendously busy and wanted to have Olivia at a summer camp, but had no idea where. Surprisingly, Olivia’s grandmother chose where Olivia should go to summer camp! A little equestrian camp near their home would be fun her grandmother thought! From the start, Olivia had no clue what she was getting herself into, nor did she ever imagine she would fall in love with the sport. Olivia’s first show was at the age of ten years old at local horse shows! Olivia has been showing since 2005 and has qualified for five years between 2005 and 2010 for the Quebec Equestrian Games: once in short stirrups (silver medal), 3 times in pony divisions with great results and once in 1.10m division (gold medal) and qualified for 1.15m grand prix (silver medal). Around the age of 14, Olivia did her transition from her two hunter/equitation ponies to her jumper. She started training with another trainer and showing around the whole province. That is the moment when she knew horses would be a part of her daily routine. Since then, Olivia has dedicated her time to advance and improve upon herself within the sport since it became a huge part of her life. The lessons became from once a week to two, three, four times a week. In 2011, Olivia finished the season first overall against eighty pairs in the 1.10m divisions. The top two juniors and the top two seniors of the 1.10m divisions in the overall standings qualified for the first edition of the Canadian Equestrian Championships. Olivia won the individual gold medal and the team gold medal! In 2012, she finished the season second overall against seventy-three pairs in the 1.20m divisions. So far, Olivia has been in transition with different horses since 2013. Olivia competed in the 1.20m divisions with a new horse in Quebec, Ontario and WEF with good results and began the 1.30m divisions. She finished 10th overall in the 1.20m and competed in WEF for only two weeks before she sold a mare of hers she owned. Olivia’s new horse which has arrived from Europe in mid May, is an 8 year old Selle Francais. Her pony’s name is Serenade de mai a.k.a. Abby! So far with Abby, Olivia has been showing her in the 1.10m and another in the 1.20m to get to know her! Currently in 2014 things have been going well for Olivia and Abby! Here are Olivia’s results for the six shows she has attended so far this summer: – Spring Show II Blainville Equestrian Park in Quebec 1st, 2nd and champion in the 1.10 division – Jumping Blainville week 1 Blainville Equestrian Park in Quebec 1st, 6th and champion in the 1.20 division Winner of the 1.20 speed derby – Jumping Blainville week 2 Blainville Equestrian Park in Quebec 1st, 2nd and champion of the 1.30 division – Bromont International 2 Bromont Equestrian Olympic Park 5th in the 1.30 division 9th in the 1.35 Speed Derby – Bromont International 3 Bromont Equestrian Olympic Park 1st, 4th and champion of the 1.30 division – Summer Festival CSI2* Caledon Equestrian Park in Ontario 1st, 2nd and Reserve Champion of the 1.30 division Olivia and only a few other athletes has been recognized by the Quebec Equestrian Federation for the last 3 years! Image 5 Passioneq would like to congratulate Olivia on all her accomplishments thus far and we are very excited to see what Olivia will be up to next! We are more than positive Olivia will succeed in everything she does in this sport. #TeamOlivia 🙂