Passioneq’s favorite latest equestrian trends of 2014

Recently, our Twitter has been blowing up with you guys showing us your latest hottest trends, spicing up your #rootd. Here we are going to pick out a couple of our favorite trends from the summer! IMG_3430_1024x1024 One of Passioneq’s absolute fav trend this summer had to be Personally Preppy’s up and coming monorgrams for equestrian riders to put on their equipment or even riding outfit (Parlanti boots also included, of course ;))! How could you not fall in love with this very bold fashion statement? Pikeur_Kaskaja_Contrast_copy Next we have up are the Pikeur Breeches, these come in a variety of styles and color which makes the decision of choosing one pair or two a little difficult. From crystal pocketing detail to print designs and new grip knee patches these beauty breeches have definitely hit our equestrian trend list! p_SPEED_AIR_LEATHER_CARBONE_SHINY Who could forget about the Speed Air GPA helmets? A very light-weight helmet that completely  guarantees safety and sturdiness. Not to mention again, but the lightness of the helmet for comfort. Could the helmet get any better than this? We’re talking about mat or shiny colors available in black, grey,  chestnut, or gold! Even top riders: Ben Maher, Marc Houtzager, and Patrice Delaveau are using this very optimum safety and stylish helmet.   photo 1photo 2photo 3   Parlanti bracelets? Uh, of course they’re on the list! Our Passioneq team has received countless of pictures of these bright-colored beauties on everyone’s wrist! They were designed to be similar to the Parlanti spur straps, with modifications including: shorter length, softer leather, stitching, and come in a variety of colors. The Parlanti bracelets were meant to fit most all wrists when the strap of the bracelet is wrapped around the wrist twice. We have gotten so many requests for these hand-made Italian leather wrap-arounds that we’ve been running out of stock very quickly! Luckily, we have just recently received a package full of many more bracelets to re-stock our inventory! Collect them all 😉   ogilvy_teal   “You must have the right equipment to be successful in any equestrian sport. Ogilvy helps you achieve that.” This statement says it all, folks! Ogilvy provides maximum comfort, security, and protection for both rider and horse. Most of the Jumper pads ensure anti-slip, breathability, no friction or rubbing, moisture wicking, and shock absorbent! These up-most important qualities about the pad does not just stop there, you can customize your pad! From picking your favorite color for the body quilt of the pad, piping, binding, and embroidery these pads have it all!   Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.08.16 PM Last, but not least the most important hottest trend that will probably never stop being hot or trending in the equestrian world: PARLANTI PASSION MIAMI FIELD BOOT! Ranked the #1 Riding Boot in the World! The Parlanti Passion Miami Boots are crafted from the finest calfskin leather to achieve the comfort, durability and streamline profiled fit that Parlanti is known for. The Parlanti Miami is equipped with laces and an elastic back panel to ensure a snug and flexible fit. The newly enhanced zippers and spur rests have eliminated 99% of breakage issues to date. The style and innovation of Parlanti is second-to-none, as the Parlanti Passion Collection is still the most copied and imitated product by top-level brands. Heck, even Gucci’s creative director Frida Giannini claims Parlanti is the best riding boot. 😉