Parlanti boots on NBC with the Personally Preppy girls

Passioneq and Personally Preppy make the perfect duo, don’t you think? We do! Personally Preppy recently has been on NBC News and guess who’s brand of boots featured on this segment? This Sunday on August 3rd, 2014 catch Personally Preppy on NBC’s The Debrief speaking with David Ushery on their monogram company, Samshield helmets, and Parlanti. We couldn’t be any happier with how things are working out for their company. If you have yet to discover Personally Preppy then you have been missing out on some hot ways to accessorize your #rootd! We’d like to personally thank Personally Preppy for this grand opportunity! 😉 We look forward to working with Personally Preppy in the future. Tate and Kir are the two young creators of Personally Preppy. They combined their passion of riding horses and business and soon their company was born. Two young, determined entrepreneurs are headed to the top and striving to continue to grow their company. They are constantly brainstorming and creating brilliant ideas to produce high quality products for a reasonable price. Lovely ladies with generous and humble hearts. Currently, Personally Preppy has hit the #1 spot on top horse show summer trend of 2014! Check out their website at and their new Etsy store Come shop with Personally Preppy and Parlanti!

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