The Parlanti Choice

At shows, I often look around to see what the competition is wearing to see what’s out on the market. To date, after over a decade and a half of riding, no boot is crafted like a Parlanti. When I spent the summer in Italy, I learned why people paid premium for ‘Italian leather’. As I walked through the back streets of Rome, these alleys were filled with the highest quality leather garments. Skilled craftsmen who have worked with leather for generations have made an art out of their vocation. People all around the world seek out these craftsmens’ items, from shoes to belts to bags. At any given show, you see plenty of options of tall boots, some cheaper, some more expensive. However, nothing is crafted to fit your leg and foot like a Parlanti. The leather is hand selected and sewn to create the finest boot in the show ring. Choosing Parlanti is choosing quality, spending wisely, and committing to your sport. If you don’t believe the hand sewn part, there are videos on YouTube chronicling it!


Written by: Faith Morley