Parlanti Classic vs. Parlanti Essential: What’s the Difference?

With the recent release of the Parlanti Passion Essential line, we are often asked: “What is the difference between the Parlanti Classics and the Parlanti Essentials?”.  The Parlanti Denver and Miami Essential models are the bare versions of their classic counterparts, only providing the “essentials”, if you will.

What are the overall differences between the Parlanti Classics and the Parlanti Essentials?

To the untrained eye, there is no visible difference. The overall differences are very small, but to choose between the two would solely depend on what a particular rider needs more. Without a doubt, the Parlanti Classics are the best quality, look, feel, and design of any english riding boot on the market. The essentials are made exactly the same, except they are designed for durability at the expense of stitching and materials (interior lining).

Why would you create an “essential” version of the classics?

Reason #1 – As Parlanti has grown to new heights, we are approached by a lot of riders who can simply not afford our boots. We have finally devised a way to create a “no bells and whistles” version of the classic Parlanti boots, for a fraction of the cost. This allows us to provide a cheaper alternative to the Parlanti classics. Reason #2 – The Parlanti classics are seen in show rings across the globe. However, some riders use our boots daily, and have experienced material breakdown of their boots. Most riders ride in their Parlantis everyday and never experience issues, while some riders reserve using their Parlantis for shows only. We wanted to develop a tougher and cheaper alternative for “schooling” boots, but with the same great profiled look and fit as the classics. These new Parlanti Essentials can be used in the show ring or schooling without any issue or without anyone knowing the difference. Below is a chart that displays the differences between the Parlanti Classic and Essential models.