Parlanti| PassioneQ featured in Must Have Fashion Items of 2014

Recently, PassioneQ has been featured in new blog post: ‘Must Have Equestrian Fashion Items for Fall 2014’ (even though, we believe that Parlanti boots are a must have for any time of the year!) Don’t you agree? The lovely gal Jess (blog owner) wrote a review about our Parlanti boots and put us in as number ten in her Must Have Equestrian Fashion Items for Fall 2014 blog post and we are proud to say that everything she said is one hundred percent true! “I got my pair, and they felt like they were broken in already even though I was putting them on for the first time!” Jess states. “I have always heard great things about Parlantis, and these did not disappoint even though I did not spend the money to get a custom pair.” Jess addresses. We appreciate being included in this week’s blog post from Jess and especially being a Fall 2014 must have! 😉