Passioneq Ambassador Applicant screening to begin

Inside the PassioneQ office we were so incredibly happy to see that many of you have applied! We received over hundreds of applications and we know that this will be a terribly tough process. Currently, we are deciphering between hundreds of applicants and this is not easy for us. All of you are so unique and have accomplished so much! We would love to have you all, but unfortunately only thirty must be chosen. Potential Passioneq|Parlanti Ambassadors please remember that once you have been chosen that this is a privilege, not a right. As representatives of the Passioneq|Parlanti brand it is imperative that a level of prestige, loyalty and professionalism be upheld. This is a life-long title, but all of our ambassadors must sign a contract outlining conduct guidelines and if PassioneQ feels an ambassador is disregarding the contract or misrepresenting the brand PassioneQ has the right to revoke the title of being a Passioneq|Parlanti ambassador. Besides that, we are extremely happy to be adding onto our PassioneQ family! #parlanticult PassioneQ encourages everyone to work hard and play hard! We have an outstanding number of applicants this year and every single applicant has the potential to be the next addition to our ambassadorship program. Please do not be discouraged if your name does not appear on our list September 12th. There will constantly be opportunities from us given, not anytime soon, but there will be in the future! You never know! “Opportunities fade, time will pass and strength will wither, but passion, drive and determination will conquer all odds” Remember that, guys! See you September 12th, 2014! Goodluck 😉