Passioneq Ambassador Sarah Shrou at the Blenheim Summer Classic

Our Passioneq Ambassador Sarah Shrou last week attended the Blenheim Summer Classic and to what Sarah explains she had one of the best weekends shared with her favorite horse and friends. Last week at the Summer Classic Sarah showed Lance in the 1.00 speed class on a Thursday afternoon and to her surprise she ended up winning out of forty other competitors! (Go Sarah!) 😉 Friday morning before Sarah’s class later in the afternoon she and Lance got to show early to do a hack so Lance would become more loose and relaxed. Lance is Sarah’s sixteen year old Westphalian horse that she has been leasing for over a year and a half now. Lance’s show name is Lancelot but because of how much Lance likes to prance around so Sarah has nicknamed him Prancelot. Sarah explains to us that sometimes this causes Lance to be a little bit difficult to ride, however, she handles Lance very well. Although, this Friday afternoon didn’t go as well as Sarah hoped for. An unlucky four faults came into Sarah’s play, but that did not stop her from keeping her head up high and focusing on the rest of her weekend there! The day after Friday, Sarah was not going to do a light hack on Lance again. Lance got a very good hack to ensure that he was loose and relaxed. Saturday afternoon Sarah got to show in the Grand Prix field and no doubt she was excited about that. Who wouldn’t be? She tells us that during the warm-up ring she regained confidence in both herself and Lance. She also explains how the first round went really well for her and Lance, she went double-clear and won the class by three whole seconds! Afterwards, Lance got treated like a prince and got fed bananas (his favorite treat), peppermints, carrots then later took him to graze on the grass for his reward after the class! Last, but not least, Sunday rolled around the corner. The last day of the Summer Classic! That morning, Sarah got some unexpected news by her trainer revealing that Sarah was champion of the class yesterday. Sarah was in shock and was very excited about the win, but couldn’t believe it because she only placed in one class! Sarah hacked Lance very lightly so she wouldn’t wear him out which worked perfectly as planned because Sarah finished clean and qualified for the jump-off along with six other riders which is very exciting, but not Sarah’s favorite part of the show. Lance is small striding and taking out the strides would leave him very flat and risking having a lot of rails. Unbelievably, Sarah still ended up winning the classic despite her disadvantage! She got her ribbon and got to lead the victory gallop. Overall, Sarah was very pleased with her weekend at the Summer Classic and enjoyed her time with family and friends. Passioneq is very glad to hear from Sarah and all the exciting accomplishments that she has been achieving. Goodluck in the future, Sarah 🙂