Passioneq to Pony Finals

Passioneq received a phone call about a few months ago from an unfamiliar number by a young thirteen year old girl by the name of Sedona Chamblee asking us to sponsor her and her team for this year’s Pony Finals. We were in complete shock with not only how young she is, but how completely brave she was for asking us to sponsor her team. We sat back and thought about this for a couple days and finally came with a decision to sponsor her team. We could not turn down a motivated young, ambitious rider like her. Passioneq was more than delighted to accept her offer to sponsor her team and so we sent them four pairs of Parlanti boots for the event. Now the time has come for the Zone 7 pony jumpers at Altech Arena in Kentucky! They will be showing Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. We’ve even got our own Parlanti themed golf cart for the parade at the event. 😉 We wish Sedona, Alex D., Charlie and Alex G. all the luck! Kill it, Zone 7!