Passioneq teams up with Horses ‘n’ Heroes


Horses ‘n’ Heroes one of the most generous non-profit organization needs your help! Passioneq is teaming up with Horses ‘n’ Heroes to help spread the word. This very generous, genuine organization brings horses and children in need together, which is one of the most uplifting programs we have read about. Mindy Nolan-Morrow, Executive Director, founded Horses ‘n’ Heroes in 1994 and to this day is full-heartedly devoted to her mentoring program. Due to the economy failing, the funding for this organization is dwindling. Mindy shares a passion for helping kids in poverty and wants to help them understand that their ticket to break the chain of poverty is education. She also believes bringing children and horses together will foster self esteem, responsibility, team work, kind-heartedness, commitment, inner drive, and determination.


You can easily donate to Horses ‘n’ Heroes at their website: Currently, we are working on setting up donation buttons at as well as Donations can be made in cash, credit card, or donations including barn equipment, used tack and clothing or even horses. One hundred percent of all donations go directly to program operations.


Horses n Heroes is different than most non for profit organizations because of the ways a helping hand can donate to the organization. Acceptable donations are not limited to cash and/or credit cards but can also be in the form of used tack, clothing, horse care products, or horses themselves. As a 501(1) entity all of your donations are 100% tax deductible as charitable contributions including the value of any non cash contributions made by the recipient. This opportunity to help children in need is great for the community as well as a tax benefit.        

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