Reed Kessler’s start to success

Reed Kessler was no ordinary five year old playing with dolls and plastic ponies. She was out at the barn, starting to make her dream a reality. Reed’s parents taught her how to ride up until she reached age seven. She then took lessons and trained at Oxridge Hunt Club and Lionshare Farm for about eight years! Throughout the years there at the Lionshare Farm, Reed’s confidence grew. She always had envisioned herself competing in show jumping at the Olympics, and not a single doubt or negative thought had over-powered her determination to be apart of such a huge competition. I think that is what gets us all, is our fear of failing or rejection. I believe that Reed’s start to success is one of the many stories that proves our negative thoughts wrong. We CAN do the “impossible” because in reality, nothing is truly impossible. Furthermore, Reed soon was the youngest person in history to compete in show jumping at the 2012 Olympics. Of course not by magically getting accepted, but by the hard work every day she put in to get there and the passion behind that hard work. Certainly after the 2012 Olympics Reed did not stop there. She came back to the United States (because the Olympics was then held in Europe) to show during indoor season, here she accumulated a number of points so she could qualify for championships and big league competitions such as Rolex (a big horse show that is only held once a year for advanced riders). Reed to this day is just as driven and determined to improving and achieving excellence. Nothing has changed since the day she first rode a horse.