Sharn Wordley and Popstar Lozonais speed to victory in Open Jumpers at Kentucky Center Summer Classic

Sharn Wardley and Kyle Timm each respectively picked up top honors aboard their speedy mounts during today’s competition. The 1.40m Open Jumper class tested riders’ speed and accuracy as they showed over 11 obstacles, which included an open water option and a vertical-oxer-vertical triple combination. Matt Cyphert was the first to test the speed over the track aboard Lochinvar, leaving all the rails in place and setting the pace to beat at 62.275 seconds. The score did not hold up for long though, as Sharn Wordley and Popstar Lozonais easily made their way over each fence leaving out strides and shaving the turns to break the beam at 58.977 seconds. Only one other rider would come close to challenging Wordley’s time, and that was Will Simpson aboard Katie Riddle, who clocked in at a clear 61.699 seconds, taking over the second place position and relegating Cyphert to third place. “I wanted to go medium quick because there weren’t that many going fast,” admitted Wordley. “Some that were jumping clear I knew were only schooling, so I didn’t go really, really fast. Just fast enough that I could leave them up and still get the check.” Wardley won the same class last week with Popstar Lozonais, and he knows the horse can be tough to beat. “He’s very fast,” explained Wordley. “If he’s clean, he’s generally the winner because he can turn so fast, and he travels so fast. He won quite a lot of classes in Europe. I got him at the beginning of the year, but I am just getting to know him.” Click here for the full story:     Results: 1.40m Open Jumpers 1) 1123 Popstar Lozonais Sharn Wordley 0 58.977 2) 20 Katie Riddle Will Simpson 0 61.699 3) 1497 LochinvarMatt Cyphert 0 62. 275 4) 1136 LUCILLA SHAWN CASADY 0 65.948 5) 871 FIGARRO D GEMMA PATERNOSTER 0 67.779 6) 11 IV EVER MICHAEL DORMAN 0 67.835 7) 345 LAGRAN MARK BLUMAN 0 70.012 8) 1414 ADVENTURE E COLIN SYQUIA 0 70.344 1.35m Open Jumpers 1) 846 PLATINUM KYLE TIMM 0 30.958 2) 686 ALL STAR DE L’AUBE SHANE SWEETNAM 0 31.043 3) 358 OLEY ALEXIS BOWEN 0 32.090 4) 1192 TUA EFELE RAMIRO QUINTANA 0 32.669 5) 1584 JAMESON EZEQUIEL PERALTA 0 33.181 6) 1143 COCO CHANEL SHAWN CASADY 0 33.959 7) 758 HONEYLANDS DOUGLASON AARON VALE 4 29.766 8) 1203 EXQUIS VAN HET AKENHOF RAMIRO QUINTANA 4 30.156 Source: Press release from Phelps Media Group, Inc. International.