Parlanti Denver Essential Dress Boot


Minimalist Design with High Performance Durability.
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Minimalist Design. High Performance Durability.

The Parlanti Denver Essential™ Dress Boot is the perfect balance between the show ring and the training ring. Handcrafted using the same elements as the Classic Parlanti Miami Field Boot with the exception of a canvas interior lining and single stitching. Designed for increased durability with only the essentials in mind.

The Parlanti Essentials Collection is minimalism at its finest. Equipped with only the essentials, the collection was designed to provide an entry-level cost for a top-shelf boot. With all the bells and whistles stripped down from Parlanti’s signature Classic Collection, the Essential Collection’s minimalism defines class and elegance.

It’s All In The Lining

The Parlanti Essential Collection differentiates from its counterparts in many ways. One of them being the interior lining of the boot itself. The Essentials come with a canvas interior lining in place of the standard calf-skin leather lining. The canvas lining provides a soft and supple feel, and can provide a longer lifecycle than the Classic Collection. The canvas lining is extremely durable and can handle the heavy day-to-day wear.

Durable Zippers

The Essential Collection is equipped with the most durable zippers that can withstand the daily wear and use. The added zipper protectors ensure that zippers do not get stuck or misaligned. The zipper buckle on the top ensure that the zipper stays zipped and flush with the top of the boot..

Single Stitch Patterns

The Parlanti Essential Collection models are designed with minimalism in mind. The single stitch patterns provide a cost-effective solution without degrading the quality or durability of the boot. Beautifully crafted and designed, the single stitching enhances the minimalist style of the Essential Collection.

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Weight 7 lbs
Best For

Showing / Schooling


Premium Calfskin






Premium Rubber




4.5/5 Stars


6 Months



Interior Lining


Exterior Material

Calfskin Leather

Boot Style

Dress Boot (No Laces)

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  1. Mati Lemonas

    Quality is unbelievable for the price, but I still prefer my Miami classics!

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