The Pro Collection


Technological Superiority.

The Parlanti Pro Collection is Parlanti’s latest and most technologically advanced riding boot design. Labeled as “the mecca” of riding boots, the Parlanti Pro Collection is the culmination of decades designing the world’s most popular riding boots on the market. Modeled after the Parlanti Classic Collection, the Pro Collection comes equipped with the most sought-after custom features, while taking even the most minute details to the next level.


Buttery Calf-Skin Leather Lining

The premium calf-skin leather lining not only feels like a dream come true, but also makes for an almost instant break-in time.

Buffalo Leather Interior

The perfect balance between feel and durability. The newly-added buffalo leather interior increases the durability and longevity of the boots, while maintaining the incredibly smooth and comfortable feel that Parlanti is known for.

Compact Square Toe

A stunningly gorgeous compact square toe design with premium quality double-stitch patterns. A truly elegant work of Italian craftsmanship from top to bottom.

Italian Design. Luxurious Feel. Built for Performance.

Shock Absorbing Technology

The sole and and heel have been modified to take your ride to the next level. The sole comes with an advanced mixture of rubber and modified latex to ensure the perfect amount of flexibility. The heel comes with the latest shock-absorbing technology built into the heel to ensure a more controlled ride.

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