Top 5 Simple Ways to Become Successful


Many people strive to become successful in their careers, their personal relationships, and most of all to feel successful about themselves as a person. Whether a person is successful is usually determined by that person’s goals towards that subject, whether it be job performance, salary, a nice home, or maintaining a healthy relationship with their peers. What most people fail to realize is that success isn’t always achieved by countless hours at the office, having things of high monetary value, or having power over others. Just like most things in life, its always the persistence of the little things that count.

Here are 5 simple tips we have came up with that anyone can apply to their lives to help them become more successful:

1) Treat Everyone With Respect

This is essential. In the game of life, respect goes a long way. When I speak of respecting people, I’m not just talking about your superiors, but the people who cannot seemingly directly benefit you in achieving your goal. In case you didn’t know, the human spectrum is built upon initial judgement and networking. The way you are viewed by a person is 20% how you present yourself, and 80% about how you “connect” with the people around you. Have you ever heard the saying, “how a person treats their parents is how they will treat the things closest to them”? The same rule applies to business, networking, personal relationships, friends, marriages, and every aspect of your interaction with the human race. If you talk down to those below you, you are destroying a relationship as well as letting everyone around you know how you act around people when you have authority, including YOUR superiors. Most people that fall into this category limit themselves in their abilities to further their careers and personal relationships. This personality issue can deem a person untrustworthy, ungrateful, and disrespectful in the eyes of friends, colleagues, business partners, and in personal relationships. Don’t be THAT person.

2) Stop the Gossip

Gossip can ruin a reputation faster than you can spell the word itself. Most of the time gossip comes off as casual conversation in the essence that both parties are hoping for a mutual acceptance on their opinion of another person. To the untrained mind, this form of conversation is normal, acceptable, and will bring the gossiping parties closer by forming a bond. The truth behind this is that it is counterproductive to YOUR reputation as well. If a close friend approaches you to bad-mouth one of their close friends, you would only have to assume that they do the same thing about you to their other close friends. Word of mouth is like a virus, it multiplies every time it is exchanged with someone new. Eventually this virus will find its way back to you, and you will have burned hundreds of connections that you could have had. So why is this all bad? Simple…YOUR REPUTATION. This not only makes you look two-faced in the eyes of the person you were talking about, but to everyone who heard your name when it was passed from person to person. Truly successful people focus on the good side of a situation, not the bad. There is nothing more attractive than someone who is GENUINELY honest and truthful.

3) Be Genuine

Be yourself. Be genuine to your character no matter who you are around. No two people are born the same, and you should not try to fight mother nature on this point, because you’ll lose. People are attracted to genuine things, genuine people, and genuine places. For example, if you went out on a date with someone who is exactly the same as every other person you’ve met then you will lose interest, that person will lose confidence, and you’re both left with nothing. The same thing goes for material items. If everyone on your street drives a Bentley, then chances are it will no longer be impressive to own a Bentley. It’s THAT simple. The most successful people are the ones who are genuine and have a sense of “exclusivity” to their persona. Being yourself is what gives YOU the “exclusivity” to yourself that nobody can duplicate. This is a point that most people completely forget because they are so busy trying to be something, that they forget who they are. A genuine person is someone who shows confidence, attraction, balance, and happiness without even trying. Keyword = not even trying.

4) Give 110% in Everything that You Do

I cannot stress this enough. Giving everything you have is very important in any level of a relationship. Think of that person who always answers your phone calls or the person who is always there to help you. They both have a sense of reliability. If someone sees you consistently giving 110%, they WILL take notice. It might take days, weeks, months, or years…but they will notice. The reality is that true character is defined by how much you give when no one is watching. No one wants to deal with lazy people and people who half-way do their job. The difference between a person who gives 110% and a person who only gives their all when someone is watching could only be ONE connection, but that one connection is the reason successful people like Johnny Depp, Bruce Lee, Steve Sims, and countless others have separated themselves from the rest. Even if you work as a Janitor…be the best Janitor that has ever worked for that company. Take pride in what you do, and it will come back around for you. In this world, you have to give in order to receive, and what you receive will depend on how much you give.

5) Never Give Up

If you’ve ever watched an A&E biography on any successful person, you will notice one thing that is the same throughout every story: PERSISTENCE. These biographies are great to watch because they really give you a good idea of how much adversity these people have faced in order to get where they are. If you want to succeed, there should be NOTHING that could ever stop you in achieving it. Have the mindset that nothing will stop you from being where you need to be. This characteristic is not something you are born with, its something that you learn. The best stories are the ones where people overcame the worst hardships to reach victory. The road to success is not easy, and never will be. You have to be working on your goal consistently to achieve any results. In bodybuilding, you must work out almost daily to achieve any results at all, and the stronger you get…the harder it is to improve. You cannot step foot into a gym once a week and expect results, this is common sense. For every time you step toward your goal, you are one inch closer to where you want to be. Nothing great comes easy, and nothing great comes cheap. As my father once told me, “you can be anything you want in this life…but you had better be prepared to pay the price for it”.